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Rejuvenate, llc Adapts to Keep Clinic Safe

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to be front and center in the

news and in the thoughts of many people, other health issues have not

gone away. People are still getting back and neck pain, overuse injuries

and hurt while at work. Many of these people would benefit from

seeing a physical therapist, but some of them are reluctant because of

concerns over COVID19. That's understandable, PT clinics are busy

places, with lots of people coming and going, right?

Just like every other business and public place, PT clinics have made

changes to allow them to continue to serve patients while keeping both

patients and staff safe. Here are some changes that Rejuvenate,llc made

several months ago to reduce the risk of COVID spreading among

patients and staff.

Scheduling and patient flow

- Created a staggered schedule to avoid people coming in/out at

the same time and thereby minimizing exposure.

- Keeping front door locked so a staff member must let a customer

in and ensure all screening is completed.

- Maintaining social distancing of 6 ft. between therapist/patient


- Screening all patients and staff as they enter the building using

questions and temperature checks

Personal protective equipment

- All staff and patients required to wear masks (will provide if

patient does not come with a mask)

- Therapists change their shirt/jacket between each patient


- Each piece of equipment is cleaned following patient use

throughout the day.

- Deep cleaning once a week by professional cleaners

- Hands washed/or hand sanitizer at a minimum between each


- Air purifiers in gym and treatment rooms with HEPA filters.

Physical therapists and assistants are medical professionals who were

trained to deal with infectious diseases and keep people safe long

before COVID-19 existed. By making changes throughout our workflows

and patient experiences, Rejuvenate, lllc has reduced the risk of

spreading COVID among our staff and patient populations, while

continuing to deliver needed services to the public.

If you are in need of PT treatment, but are hesitant to go into the clinic,

give us a call and talk about what policies and procedures we have in

place. To reduce or eliminate going into the clinic, ask us about using

telehealth either exclusively or in combination with in-person

treatment. This is a time of uncertainty, but people are reacting with

flexibility and creativity. Don't let concerns over COVID keep you in pain

or from the treatment you need.

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